Hello, my name is Sookie :)


Helloooooo! My name is Sookie 🙂 I arrived to my new fosterhome, to Kika’s today 🙂 I’m a very sweet and gooooood girl 🙂 Özge, one of the animal lovers left me to Bebek. The moment I got off the car I wanted to explore the area, so Kika took me around Bebek a little. I like people and all animals and was very happy to see all the people while I was taking a very quick walk. I’m a little girl but very energetic 🙂 I have a high tempo so Kika was flying after me. I think she was a little afraid to walk me on herself because there were strange dogs walking around muchhhhhh bigher then me 😦 but anyway I was very happy to see them all 🙂 I was wagging my tail allll the time 🙂 Even the Çınar Taxi drivers fell in love with me and asked Kika what breed I was. When she told them that I was rescued from the Bahcesehir flood they were all cheering and very happy to see me…They all heard about the bad bad rain and all my friends that have drowned. I was one of the lucky ones who was resqued by the very special animal lovers 🙂 Did you hear about “Let’s Adopt!”? They came and resqued me 😉 I love them all 😉

I also came by the famous beagle who lives in Bebek, my new neighbour (well I’m his new neighbor actually) who really liked me and we sniffed each other sniff sniff sniff 🙂 Kika told my story to the owner of beagle deagle and she was really impressed and said “wellcome to our neighborhooooooooood” I’m a lucky girl you know 😉 Everyone loves me here 😉 It’s just my very first hours, God knows what is going to come in the present days???

Kika took me back home, I had to go 3 storeys up, there’s no elevator 😦 She opened the entrance door andddddd….I confronted 3 cats! Wowwww 🙂 I was very happy to see them but…I think one of them, his name is Cemil said Kika, was not happy to see me 😦 He got sooooo big like a dinosaur I thought we were in Jurassic Park…I will call Steven Spielberg and tell him that he forgot Cemil as an actor 😉

 CEMİL in the front, FİTİL in the background 😉

Kika brought me food and water and had to sit in the entrance with me because Cemil wouldn’t let us through to the living room 😦 She had to pet Cemil and tell him that everything was OK, but I think he was jealous…Kika told me that Cemil loves her very much and can not share her with other animals or even cats. Cemil is the boss of all cats! Anyway..After a little while we made the living room. And what should I see? A pair of orange slippersssssssssssss 😉 Mmmmmmmmmmm, I love slipppers 😉 I made my way between the couch and the table so I could protect myself from Cemil’s unexpected attacks. Thennn I attacts the slippers and destroyed them, it was very funny I had a lot of fun.

 I love orange slippers 😉

By then Kika called her friend Leyal that she should come over and see me 😉 I’m a popular dog now. Everyone wants to see me! I’m a celebrity 😉 I’m famous. Leyal came and was very sweet and nice to me, she had a dog long time ago, his name was Mike and she was a doglover also. So I got twice the attention 😉 I also watched Godfather while Kika had to Iron 😦 She had a lot of things to do but couldn’t leave me out of her eyesight because of Cemil.

 Looking at Cemil…I’m very scared folks 😦

While Kika and Leyal was chatting suddenly Cemil attacked me! I immediately flew to the back of the couch and had no place else to run…I was stucked and veeery scared 😦 They both came and resqued me from Cemil. Cemil is a very naughty boy you know. Even my huge ears didn’t scare Cemil. Cemil is a dinasour…

Fitil and Osman were very cool, at one time Fitil came very close to me and I was so happy that I wagged my tail so fast that it almost hurt. Wufffff 🙂 Wuffff I said to Fitil but he didn’t react, he wasn’t scared or even jealous. He just stared at me and tried to figure out who I was.

Well Kika gave me some treats and I eat them, but tomorrow I will get some fresh food, because even though Cemil tried to attack me at the same time he also eat from my food 😦 He’s a double standard cat! My food is only for me! But I was scared to tell him…

Around 23.30 Leyal wanted to go back home, so we decided to go along with her and Kika wanted me to Pee and Poo. But as we walked back to Leyal’s home (she lives just 2 blocks away) I was so excited that I had to walk more…We walked much more further and saw other dogs walking with their owners, I sniffed them all 🙂 All the dogs were very friendly, so we walked more. I didn’t pee or poo 😦 We even entered private gardens so I could pee but I wa very busy sniffing around.

Kika said to Leyal that she hopes I wouldn’t pee on her carpet tonight. Well…I hope I don’t.

We came back home and now I feel relaxed and am sleeping on the carpet in the living room. But when Kika goes to bed she has to put me in the bathroom because that is the only area where there is a door in the house….There are no doors you know…If Cemil wouldn’t attack me I could have stayed in the living room but it’s a risky business. Until he gets used to me we have to do it this way 😉 But she will lay me a niceeee blanket so I would feel comfy 😉 Well that’s all for tonight folks. Good night and sleep tight 😉

 I’m sleeping…Do not disturb please.

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